Work and Life Balance: The Secrets For A Healthy Living

I am the husband of a very smart and busy lady and the father of two beautiful three years old twins. Also, I am the son of two lovely parents that are not getting younger and that need my assistance and support. But I also have other important roles: I am the local marketing manager of a big corporation and a member of a nonprofit organization for the protection of regional wildlife.


Does this sound stressful? Well, in fact, it is. My days are very busy, but I have learned some very simple strategies to avoid getting completely overwhelmed by my tons of daily commitments. Actually, I love every aspect of my life. Of course, I need to be organized, and now I know how to prioritize things and up to a certain degree, I have learned how to multitask (even if my wife reckons she’s much better at it!)


But to achieve a real, stress-free balance between your work and private life, this means being able to enjoy every minute of our busy crazy days. The following is some simple, practical food for thought.


Pay Attention To Your Diet

I always try to follow a healthy diet, because it helps me to keep my weight under control. Also, when I eat too much I have less energy. Drinking water regularly is also essential. During the week, I try to eat at home as much as I can. When I am at work, I only have two cups of coffee every day and I resist the temptation of buying snacks. I relax at the weekend when we usually eat out one or twice with my family, and we allow ourselves to have some junk food from time to time.


Sleep Well and Exercise Often

Sedentary life is my worst enemy. When I was younger, I was more into computers than sports, so getting used to exercising was probably harder for someone like me. But now, I probably could not do without my daily run. All that it takes is just 30 minutes in the evening, and it helps me to relieve the stress and to recover my energy.


A Family Holiday can Do Wonders

I regularly take some time off from work. Even two days are enough to recharge your batteries. There is so much you can do, even without having to spend a fortune. Kids love to see new places and it’s wonderful to be able to learn things together. We love camping, but sometimes we prefer to book a hotel in a nearby town, for a relaxing night out. Whatever you do, play it simple. I reckon that sometimes, planning a long holiday can be as stressful as organizing an international conference!


Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Plans and Laugh More

Write this word on your wall: FLEXIBILITY. Things are not going the way I’ve planned? That’s absolutely normal. In fact, it’s probably the rule. I plan a romantic dinner with my partner when mum calls because she needs assistance with the boiler, which actually seems to have problems always on Saturday night. Kids usually develop a fever the day before you’ve planned a party at your place. The bigger the party, the higher the fever!


Practice Yoga and Meditate

Some time ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to yoga practice. It was an amazing discovery. Sometimes I practice my favorite asanas at home with my wife, but we have also enrolled in a gym where there are weekly group classes. I enjoy these classes because, at the very end, we have a quiet meditation time, where we can focus on ourselves. I leave all the outside world noise out, I free my mind and concentrate on my heartbeat.

I am right at the center of my life, and I am so grateful for that.

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