The More Ethical Approach to Wedding Jewellery

In this day in age, it might be common knowledge that diamonds are not the most ethically sourced stones, all you have to really do is research into blood diamonds and see the monstrosities that happen when humans are in search for diamonds in various countries around the globe. There is also a false perception that diamonds hold a certain beauty that cannot be replicated. However, this isn’t always the case, as lab created stones can be created specifically to however the person wishes.

Lab created stones can be made to possess many of the same characteristics as a real diamond, without much of the turmoil diamond mining causes. Another advantage is that many different types of jewels can be created within a lab, giving us a wider range of options to choose from when it comes to wedding jewellery, regardless of whether it is women’s or men’s wedding rings, or even engagement rings.

Lab Created Stones

There are many different variations of stones that can be created in a lab by man, all of which are a much more ethical method of sourcing beautiful looking stones for different jewellery. As the world grows more socially conscious, so do people’s purchasing behavior. It used to be common for to want a beautiful and expensive diamond, and men would happily oblige. However, this comes at a much more costly price than just money, as people’s lives and livelihood are lost during the process. The most commonly created artificial diamond being seen in wedding jewellery right now is moissanite, something that can closely resemble diamonds in its appearance.

Advantages of Moissanite

As stated before, moissanite is created in a lab which mitigates the need for mining other valuable gems for jewellery pieces. Moissanite is created by top scientists in near-perfect conditions, creating a stone that can be flawless and hold a lot of beauty for the person wearing it as well as those that may end up glancing at the ring or other jewellery item. The next massive advantage of moissanite is the price difference when compared to diamonds. A one carat diamond can be anywhere in the four-figures and above, whereas a one carat moissanite gem can easily be in the three-figure mark. Some people may see the cheaper prices as a disadvantage but considering the beauty and appearance of moissanite there really isn’t much difference, and to the unsuspecting eye, moissanite can still look like a real diamond. Moissanite is also chosen as the durability is somewhat similar to a diamond, meaning it can be resistant to scratching, chips, cracks, and completely breaking. Choosing a gemstone that is as almost as durable as a diamond then means moissanite rings or other jewellery is suitable for every-day wear, which an engagement or wedding ring will most definitely be. You can have a look at examples of these here

Funding Professionals Instead of Inhumane Gem Sourcing

It’s a disappointing thing that something so beautiful as a diamond is shrouded in misery, murder, and slave-type conditions, but the sourcing of diamonds has unfortunately been this way for a long time. Diamonds are found in many different locations around the world, and when they are, it brings the worst out in financially greedy people. These people that stand to profit a lot take control of a diamond site, more often than not with force, and keep it closely guarded which often ends up with people losing their lives. Those that could lose their lives could be anyone from the slave-type workers that mine for the diamonds, to merely accidental trespassers. To buy a diamond, or a diamond ring would be to condone greed, violence, and the killing of other human beings, while eventually funding those who carry out such actions, at least somewhere down the line. To then opt for moissanite gemstones is to fund scientific professionals that work hard to create these stones in a laboratory environment for jewellery pieces, resulting in a much more all-around ethical choice for everyone involved.

Overall, choosing ethically sourced gemstones is a no-brainer when compared to diamonds and how they have been sourced for decades. In the respect of the consumer, moissanite ends up cheaper, just as durable, and can shine the same beauty as diamonds do. When it comes to moissanite and diamonds there isn’t any difference to the naked eye, in fact some people say that moissanite has a superior shine and finish, of course this is personal preference though. Are you thinking of proposing, or perhaps you are already engaged and looking at wedding rings? Moissanite could definitely be the answer for the ring you present to the love of your life.

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