Top Seven Frugal Home Cleaning Tips

It is easy to spend a fortune on cleaners that you do not need and don’t get the job done, especially after watching a dazzling marketing advert. In my experience, I have found out that some of these products do not work as advertised, and you either have to buy more products or clean more frequently. However, this does not have to be the case as you can adopt some simple cleaning solutions and habits that have saved me money and time.

Clean Frequently

Cleaning frequently might seem to beat the purpose of saving time and money, but it does save me time and money. A quick wipe of a splash on your stove will save me the hustle of buying heavy-duty cleaners and tough sponges to get rid of stubborn stains. This applies to other areas like dust on the television, blinds, and furniture.

However, not all stained should be pounced upon with a wet cloth. For instance, if there is mud on the carpet or upholstery, I will leave it to dry then vacuum as much of it as I can, before attacking it with a wet towel to avoid spreading the stain. Weekly cleaning using a damp cloth will take care of most stains and eliminate the need to buy expensive cleaners. Furthermore, investing in professional carpet cleaning services at regular intervals might not be a bad idea as well!

Go for Quality

It is tempting to go for cheaper cleaning tools that need frequent replacements compared to buying high-quality supplies. I prefer to purchase my cleaning tools from hardware or janitorial supply store. These items can last for more than a decade while remaining functional and easy to use. One way I save money is to keep it simple and avoid expensive items because they have added features.

Get the Right Vacuum Cleaner

From my experiences with various vacuum cleaners, I noticed that I was less likely to use heavy vacuum cleaners even though they cost an arm and a leg. Plus, they also tie you down with monthly financial payments. Some of these vacuum cleaners have the same features, for instance, HEPA filters, just like the bulky and expensive vacuum cleaners. So, I usually read the reviews on budget-friendly vacuum cleaners then choose one that will do a good job.

Keep it Simple When Choosing Cleaning Supplies

An ordinary no-rinse all-purpose cleaner is all I need for most wiping tasks for counters, bathroom fixtures, and kitchens. While many people like to use the best selection of janitorial supplies they can find, this is not always necessary for routine cleaning. I also make sure I follow the instructions around disinfectant cleaners since they normally require a wait time before wiping them off the surface.

Use Home-made Cleaning Solutions

I make some of my cleaners at home and avoid expensive cleaners. I mix ammonia and sugar in one to two ratios in a quart of water for my cleaning needs. For bathroom mirrors, plain hot water will still dissolve toothpaste and hairspray perfectly when used with a window squeegee to remove the water.

I replaced my all-purpose cleaner with a mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, and it leaves surfaces cleaner and eradicates terrible odors. This spray can be used on:

  • Solid surfaces like painted walls, countertops, and inside a refrigerator
  • Uneven surfaces like remote controls, printers, and even keyboards. You can use a cotton-tipped applicator for hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Windows

I replaced my drainage cleaner with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to unclog my drains and keep them smelling fresh. All I have to do is combine a cup of baking soda with a cup of microwaved distilled vinegar down a drain, then wait for five minutes before running some hot water down the same drain. Borax can be used on dirty bathtubs, showers, and sinks like a regular cleanser by sprinkling it on surfaces then scouring using a scrub sponge or brush with water. If it does get too out of hand, it is easier to call in the experts, such as those from Apollo Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for example. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to remove the issue without professional intervention.

Talking about drains, do not forget to clean your rain gutters as well. If the water discharge system is not cleaned at regular intervals, you might run a risk of a wet basement, wall damage, and insect manifestations, which then might require more labor and money. Not to forget that clogged gutters can also affect the entire drainage system of your house. Therefore, it would be wise for you to allow professional intervention regarding this matter. Fortunately, professionals from Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Springfield and similar locations can assist you with this and finish the cleaning work ASAP!

Handling Smelly Dish Rags

With time dish rags get an awful odor that can be hard to get rid of even when using expensive cleaners. I discovered a cheap and inexpensive cleaning technique. All I have to do is to soak it in hot vinegar for 30 minutes, then rinse it off in hot water, and the smell is gone. Given the frequency of use of these rags, I bought many rags so that I can soak and wash them once a week.

I hope you found these tips as helpful as I did.

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