My Quest to Fitness – Life-Long Lessons Learned

Five years ago, I embarked on a journey to prove someone wrong that I could be fitter. My main inspiration when starting was an ex-friend who undermined every effort I made, especially because I was not well built. I had to join the local gym to prove a point to her. This was never to happen; I guess some people never get to realize what they have. As much as I did not intend to be fit for health reasons, I ended up learning some invaluable lessons, which I promise to hold close to my heart as long as I live. That said, let me open up and share some of the lessons I learned in the process of getting fitter.


The Will to Get Better Dictates How Far You Go

I might have started working out to show someone what I had in store, but staying in the gym required much more. My early days on the gym saw me make tremendous results, but a time came when I plateaued.  I came to realize that exercising was more than just proving a point; it was all about me. I never missed my workouts, whether it was time to lift dead weights or go for a morning run. And here I am, I now have lots of people looking up to me or wanting to train with me.


Patience is Golden

Getting to where I am was not easy, considering that we live in the era of instant gratification. Studies show that it takes 12 weeks for people to start seeing significant changes in the body, and this seems like a decade to many. Although I started seeing some results early, I was encouraged by those around me to be patient. Not knowing where the finish line was, I almost called it quit when I plateaued, but something inside me always encouraged me to keep pushing a bit longer. And this taught me that everything good took time, a lesson that I carry everywhere I go.


Discomfort Brings Growth

Working out has never been easy. And if it is easy, then results won’t be forthcoming. In light of this fact, I have since learned that some discomfort inspires the magic of self-improvement. While running, for instance, I always pushed myself to run an extra mile only to have my mind whine.  But every time I accepted the challenge, the next run was even easier for me. This trait has been vital in other aspects of my life. While at work and the boss needs that I work for longer hours, I can stick to the task until it is done. I feel sorry for people who do not embrace discomfort, but also I understand that it is a matter of time.


You Need to Work for Yourself

The time I spend working has a tremendous impact on how I go about my daily routine. I highly rank exercises, and I see them as one of the most important things that I do for myself. I have had people say that exercising is a burden, and this makes it easy for them to skip it when something else comes their way. This can be unfortunate considering that working out spurs self-growth. By working out, I have since the need to do things that make me better.


Embracing fitness has turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I have become healthier, and in the process, managed to shun traits that kept holding me back in my entire life. Fitness life might be viewed as a burden, by holding key to personal growth and fulfillment.


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