Easy DIY Recycled Home Décor Ideas

These days, especially with the pandemic going on, do-it-yourself home decorations are sure to be a trend. Not only would you be occupied during your time inside the house, but you would also get to have a new décor to display and enhance your interior’s appeal-it’s freeing two birds with one key.

But what better way to craft do-it-yourself home decorations than to use recyclable materials, as well? It’s extremely beneficial, even more so if you consider the current situation. It’ll benefit you with your budget, along with the environment.

Below are recycled home décor ideas that you must give a try. Be creative with the materials inside your house, and have fun crafting and customizing your interior decorations!

Craft a candle holder out of old keys

You might have keys in your house that don’t have much use anymore. They’re stored in drawers, and all of them are for old padlocks that are long thrown out. Before you do the same to those keys, you should instead recycle them into a fabulous candle holder.

Don’t keep your cake stand hidden

After an occasion’s over and the feast is done, what we would usually do is to keep the cake stand inside our cupboard. Some people just throw it away as it would only inconveniently take up a lot of space, too. This would be a waste to do, though, as you could use your cake stand for your fruit display, or maybe snacks. Use it as decoration on your kitchen countertop.

Coasters out of t-shirts

Over time, we tend to get tired of our shirts, but instead of throwing them away, we keep them inside our closet until it tends to overflow and you don’t know where to put your old shirts away, too. If you’re having the same kind of dilemma right now, then this is your call to start braiding t-shirts into coasters for your cup of tea or coffee. Of course, if there are some t-shirts that hold certain special memories, you could also take help from companies like Memory Stitch and turn them into a cute t-shirt quilt!

Turn your hardcover books into picture frames

Do you have new books you want to put inside your bookshelf but can’t do so as it’s filled with all the other books that you’ve already finished reading but can’t throw away? Well, why not try turning these hardbound books into picture frames? Simply paste your picture on the book and add ribbons as its frame, and you’re good to go!

Make a wind chime out of coffee tins and bottle caps

After you have read this, be sure not to throw away the bottle caps and empty coffee tins, as these could be useful to recycle for your home interior décor! Simply connect the bottle caps using string, ribbon, or metal wire, and have a coffee tin serve as the windchime’s top piece.

Old chip wrappers as a decorative curtain

Have you ever heard or seen one of these before? It’s extremely creative, having to come up with a curtain made out of your snack’s wrappings. Be sure to keep your chip wrappings instead of throwing them out next time, and carefully craft them into a colorful curtain you could use for your living room or bedroom!

Hang a pinboard/corkboard with an old wooden tray

You’ve recently bought a new tray for your kitchen, even though the old one that you have still looks good and would be a waste to throw out. If you’re hesitating to throw it out, then don’t hesitate to hang it on your wall and have it served as an aesthetically pleasing pinboard or corkboard for you to put reminders and notes on!

Cute vases made out of old bottles

Do you have old plastic bottles with you? Grab them, cut them, and paint them to make cute vases for your flowers! Simply use the colors you’d like to go with. I like simple colors such as white and black the most. Fill the bottle with soil and carefully transfer your plant in. It will sure look cute.

Pencil holder from tin cans

Don’t throw your old tin cans away yet-they can still be used as a pencil holder! Have them washed, and you’re free to decide if you want to paint them or wrap them up with cute colored papers. After you’ve designed them, you can start using them as pencil holders and proudly display them in your home.

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